ToolMod TM300 Live Recording System

This special version of the 4U high ToolMod frame is a unique combination of analog pro audio devices designed for very high quality live recording.

The TM301 mic pre & mon mixer modules combines a mic pre with transfomer balanced input, sweeped high-pass and low-pass filters, a switched insert section and a limiter with a monitor mixer channel. An active splitter with up to two outputs is integrated in the mic pre. Connect all microphones directly to your mic pre and don't loose sound quality by external splitters, heavy cable loads and sharing with live consoles.

The mixer section allows direct analog control of your recording. The channel includes Rec/Mon switching, separate input selection for the meter, independent PFL switches for record and monitor chain and two aux sends with pre/post switches

Mic Pre
The TM301 's mic pre, which is the same as the ToolMod TM101, offers best possible technical performance and a well balanced combination of transparency and warmth. Ultra low noise with all gain settings, flat phase response and + 30 dBu headroom are only some of the features of this pre amp.

In many cases you will not be able to use a separate set of microhones for the recording. Sharing the microphones between the recording devices and live consoles using split boxes cause a considerable loss in sound performance all the time, due to heavy load on the microphones and very long cables. The TM301 mic pre includes an active splitter with up to two transformer balanced outputs to feed live consoles and other equipment while the micropones are only loaded with the TM301 inputs.

A very fast brickwall limiter is integrated with the TM301 recording chain to protect the inputs of the recorder from overload. You can control threshold and release time in appropriate ranges. The limiter can fade down peaks of up to 6 dB without any audible side effects.

Monitor Mixer
The integrated mixer channel solves the common problem of monitoring with any live recording on a DAW. The input of the mixer chain can be switched to the record output or the monitor input. In addition to an input gain control, a rotary fader with calibrated center detent, pan pot and cut switch, there are two aux sends with independent pre/post selection and a LED meter with 40 dB range. The meter can read record output or monitor input alternatively.

Inserting external analog audio processing devices into the record chain is not a problem with the TM300 system. A fully buffered, balanced, switched insert pre limiter makes it possible to install any external device on the fly. Moreover, the insert can be switched to the monitor chain.

Coupling of Frames
The TM300 frame can hold up to 10 input modules and a master module. It is possible to couple any number of frames to form a monitor mixer with more than 10 channels. The coupling port is compatible with adt-audio's ToolMix analog summing mixers that can be integrated in such a system in any desired way. The master and monitor section ToolMst can also be installed to add versatile monitoring and playback features.

Mic Pre Mixer TM301
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Live Recording System



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