Compatibility of the Live Recording System

The FR300 system for live recording is member of the family of adt-audio's Tool devices. Apart from the ToolKit channel strip and the ToolMod Pro Audio Systems, several versions of the ToolMix summing mixers and ToolMst, a versatile master and monitor unit are available.

Any of these units can be used to add specific features to a FR300 system in order to adapt such a system to a particular application in the best possible way.

ToolMst Master and Monitor Unit

detailed information on ToolMix & ToolMst:

 • ToolMix System Webpage  • ToolMix Manual (pdf)

While the TM311 master module contains a set of basic controls for the master outputs and a headphone amplifier with automated PFL switching, the ToolMst unit is a complete master and monitor section that combines all functions of a convential console master section. In addition to the master chain with master fader, balance control and switched, buffered insert that can be routed pre or post the master fader there are master level controls, cut switches and pfl/afl switches for the two aux masters and 4 additional stereo inputs. The control room section includes all commonly required functions, has a 10 position source selector and can feed 4 different speaker systems in addition to the headphone output. A playback and talkback section completes the feature list of the ToolMst.

If a ToolMst is added to a live recording system TM300, the ToolMst is automatically the master of all TM300 frames and ToolMix devices. The TM300 frames must have the TM310 master installed. Docking cables in different length are available.

Master and Monitor Unit ToolMst

ToolMix Summing Mixers
Three different version of the ToolMix summing mixers are available. All units can be used in combination with a TM300 live recording system.

The ToolMix8 has 8 input channels that are very similar to the channels that are included with the TM301 live recording mic pre. This unit can also be used as master of a TM300 system. In this case TM310 master modules must be installed,

8 channel summing mixer ToolMix8

The ToolMix16 and ToolMix32 devices have more input channels but less features per channel. The ToolMix16 has 16 mono inputs and the ToolMix32 has 16 stereo inputs. Aux sends are not implemented with these units. It is therefore only possible to use these units as master for a system that contains TM300 live recording frames if the aux sends are not used. Vice versa, any number of ToolMix16 or ToolMix32 units can be added to a TM300 system as slaves. In this case, one of the TM300 frames must have a TM311 master module installed.

ToolMix16 summing mixer

Live Recording System



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