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ToolMod Pro Audio Modules
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Modular Channel Strip ToolMod

A new, affordable pro audio module system of analog audio plug in's of highest quality. The ToolMod pro audio gear combines +30 dBu headrrom, 120 dB dynamic range with outstanding sonic performance of all modules.

Use the ToolMod system to combine mic preamps. equalizer, compressor, limiter, noise gate and DI amps in any possible way. Arrange your own channel strip, processing units, or a stereo mastering set - at a price that fits into the budget of a small studio.

ToolMod pro audio modules
The Modules
The module pallet of the ToolMod pro audio system includes mic preamps, DI amps, equalizers, noise gates and limiters in mono and stereo. Some of the modules are almost identical to the stages of the ToolKit channel strip. In addition there are an active DI amplifier and, among others, a stereo mastering compressor. More to come in the future.

Where to buy
Like all other ADT Audio devices and consoles, ToolMod components are available directly from the factory at short notice. We ship worldwide. Most units are available from stock or already in production when our stock runs low.

ToolMod Frames
The ToolMod analog audio plug in's fit into a 1U high frame that can hold up to 5 modules. There are two different module sizes, A and B. A B size modules needs 2 slots next to each other in the frame. Vertical frames that can hold up to 11 units will also be available from stock within a short time.

Technique and Sound
The headroom is more than + 30 dBu and the dynamic range at 0 dB overall gain is higher than 120 dB. All inputs and outputs of the modules are balanced. The ToolMod analog audio plug in's use the same circuitry and the same components as the ADT Integrator audio modules, but without the extensive stainless steel housings, engraved fascias, cnc machined top plates and massive aluminum knobs. In addition, there are almost no options available for the ToolMod series, while the Integrator modules are available in many different versions. This principle results in identical sonic performance and technical properties at a very attractive price.

Power Supply and Compatibiliy
The ToolMod series uses external power supply units. The power supply units that are used for the ToolMod system are the same units that are also used with the ToolKit channel strip, the ToolMix analog summing mixers and the other Tool devices. Power supply units with different capacities are available. Since the current consumption depends on the number and the type of the particular modules, it is not possible to determine the total amount of modules that can be supplied from a certain power supply unit. However, even the smallest power supply unit, ToolPwr-M, can supply two to three frames in worst case condition. The basic cost of a ToolMod system, a power supply and a frame, is therefore as low as €400 (~$ 500). Hence the capacity of the power supply unit is high, an upgrade of a system with more modules is possible without any additional cost but the price of the additional modules and, if necessary, additional frames. The ToolMod pro audio system fits perfectly into systems of other ADT Audio Tool devices. The entire system is fully compatible. A special cable is available for IN type power supply units that are used with Integrator and V700 systems. Thus these systems can also be extended with ToolMod devices without additional power supplies.

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