The Master Modules for the TM300 Live Recording System
There are two different master modules of the TM300 live recording system. If a TM300 frame is used stand alone or as master for additional frames or other ToolMix devices, the TM311 master module is installed. The TM310 master module is used for frames that are used as slaves only.

The TM311 has a set of level controls, stereo meter and a headphone amplifiers. The TM310 is primarily designed for use in slave frame. It has no controls but all master outputs are also available on the connector panel
Master Module TM311

As long as not more than one TM300 frame is used, the TM311 master module is the best choice. The module includes all necessary summing amplifiers for the internal mix busses and the external couple port as well.

There are level controls for the stereo mix master and the two aux masters. The rotary master fader of the mix output can be inserted into the master chain by the FDR switch. PFL switches for the aux masters make it possible to control the signal via the internal PFL system. Internal jumpers determine if these switches operate in PFL or AFL mode.

A stereo meter, similar to the meters used in the mono input modules TM301 controls the output level of the stereo mix master. The meter can be switched to the output of the PFL master. An internal jumper enables this function.

The headphone amplifier is fed by the stereo mix master. The internal PFL system includes an automated switching system that can be enabled by an internal jumper. When enabled, any PFL switch rerouts the headphone amplifier to the PFL master.

All outputs of the masters are balanced and can handle levels of more than +30 dBu. The outputs are available on male xlr connectors on the connector panel. The headphone output is also available on the connector panel on a 1/4" TRS connector. This output can be used to installed an active speaker system.

Master Module TM311 with frames in slave mode
Even though the TM311 master module is not necessary for a frame that is used in slave mode, it is possible to use it also with a slave frame. A set of internal jumpers makes possible to dissconnect the bus amps of the couple port and assign the couple port to the internal master outputs. If this setting is used, the couple bus is fed post the master faders. In this case, the headphone amplifier is fed by the internal master while the PFL section operates local. This means that only local PFL sources are available on the PFL output.

Master Module TM310
If a particular frame is only used as slave, or if no additional controls are required for the application, the master module TM310 can be used alternatively. There are no controls on the top plate of this module. If contains all summing amplifiers and feeds the xlr output connectors. The levels are internally calibrated to 0 dB. In addition the couple port is fed by the internal amplifiers.

TM311 master module
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Live Recording Master Module TM311

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