The FR300 Frame for Live Recording Modules TM300

The FR300 Frame is a special version of the 4U high vertical ToolMod frame that has a different internal wiring and a different connector panel. The FR300 can hold up to 10 live recording modules TM301 and a master module.

The standard ToolKit/ToolMod Power supply units can be used with the TM300 system. Depending on the capacity, power supplies can be used for additional Tool devices as well, details are HERE

the FR300 rear panel
Rear view ofl TM300 Frame - high resolution picture
The channel section of the frame's connector panel has 5 XLR connectors and 2 TRS connectors. All inputs and outputs are balanced. A female xlr connector is used for the input of the mic pre. The split outputs are available on 2 two separate male xlr's. These three connectors have separate ground lift switches.

The balanced insert point is available on separate 1/4" TRS connectors, brand Neutrik, for insert input and output. Input and output are half normalized.

Two xlr connectos are used for the record output and the monitor input.

Couple Port
Two 25-pin D-Sub connectors allow acces to the couple port of the TM300 live recording system. Any number of frames can be coupled with special docking cables, that are available as accessories. The connections are made in daisy chain mode. If a particular frame is used as 'master' oder 'slave' depends on the installed version of the master module. See the 'master modules' page for details. The pinning of these connectors is fully compatible with the couple ports of the ToolMix and ToolMst devices.

Integration into the ToolMix System
Any ToolMix summing mixer can be used to add more input channels to a TM300 live recording system as well as FR300 frames can also be used to add recording features to an existing summing mixer system.

The ToolMst master and monitor unit can also be used to add a versatile master section and extensive control room and playback/talkback features.

detailed view, left side of the
FR300 Rearpanel
open high resolution picture

Detailed view of the FR300 rear panel

FR300 Frame with 10 input modules TM301
and master module TM311
open high resolution picture

Power Supply
The TM300 uses the same power supply units as the other members of the 'Tool' family. Any of the ToolPwr devices can be used as long as its capacity is sufficient. A single FR300 frame with all modules installed needs approximately 1.5 amps of supply current. With one frame, a ToolPwr-M unit can be used.; however, the higher capacity ToolPwr-S and ToolPwr-E devices are necessary if additional frames or other Tool devices are added.

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